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Terrain Health and Microgenesis

Why can’t I get pregnant?

The answer is in your gut.

Did you know that infertility is directly linked to the health of your gut microbiome? Breakthrough research has shown that imbalances in your gut biome impact your ability to conceive. Terrain Health has partnered with biomed tech start-up Microgenesis to offer a revolutionary breakthrough in infertility testing and treatment

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We work with you to discover the root cause of your infertility. Through a simple test and personalized treatment plan we address the underlying issues, significantly increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

Clinical trials resulted in a


success rate in pregnancy among all women, even those who have had 4 or more IVF attempts.

Did you know that the gut and vaginal biomes are linked?

We are here to get to the root cause of your infertility issues and provide a natural and personalized plan to help significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

How Terrain Health & Microgenesis work with you

Terrain’s program includes visits with Dr. Rose or Tracey Sheedy, PA (our women’s health care expert with over 25 years of experience). These include an initial full intake and medical history (and physical if seen in the office), review of test results and treatment plan, and check-ins through the course of the 75 day restoration program.

Test Kit contains saliva test, vaginal swab, and finger prick (blood spot done from the comfort of your own home).

Your phenotype (which is one’s “physical appearance” as a result of one’s genetic makeup and environmental influence), as indicated on the test results, will help us determine your unique, all natural plan.

Treatment plan duration is 75 days

This includes Provider Services (Physician/PA, Health Coach, Personalized Plan) plus Test Kit and Testing Results. Your personalized plan includes probiotics that are paired with a unique meal plan tailored to restore health and balance to your gut microbiome as well as specific nutraceuticals that are paired with a unique exercise program to address and lower inflammation. These combined interventions reset your body for success!

Program includes weekly visits and check-ins with your personal Health Coach designed to support program compliance and provide guidance and information along the way.

  • Want to avoid brain frog, headaches, or lack of energy?
  • Want to manage inflammation and joint pain?
  • Want to break the vicious cycle of food cravings?
  • Want to jumpstart your metabolism and lose weight?
  • Want to understand how to best fuel and take care of your body and mind?

Introducing Fertility Features



We have partnered with Microgenesis, a scientific biotechnology company, to offer a natural and effective way to restore fertility.


Scientifically Developed Tests

With our scientifically developed tests, we are able to identify 1 of 64 microbiome patterns that is impacting your reproductive health.


Drug Free Treatment

Our drug-free treatment program is designed to rebalance your unique microbiome and lower overall inflammation in 75 days.


75% Success Rate

Clinical trials resulted in a 75% success rate in pregnancy among all women, even those who have had 4 or more IVF attempts.


10-Week Treatment

After completing the 10-week treatment program, 75% of women conceived within 90 days.


Reduce Pregnancy Attempt Time

Pregnancy attempt time is reduced from 38 months to an average of 6 months after completing our groundbreaking program.


Live Webinar


  • Dr. Robin Rose of Terrain Health 
  • Dr. Gabriela Gutierrez of Microgenesis
  • Learn about the details of the program, and whether it might be right for you
  • Gain insight into the peer reviewed scientific research behind the breakthrough treatment

We provide every patient with the best chance to live long, active, and happy lives.

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