Ready to transform your health? Work with Dr. Robin Rose and the Terrain Health Team

Your First Appointment:

We want to gain a deep understanding of your entire health in the context of your life. We want to know all about where you are today, where you have been and where you are going health wise.

We take the time to learn all about you: your health, nutrition, lifestyle, movement and sleep patterns. Everything we do is personalized, tailored to your specific health needs.

Based our initial intake appointment, we create a customized, comprehensive advanced testing plan for you to gain in-depth knowledge about your health and body

  • Comprehensive Blood Panels and Testing, including a full complement of advanced genomic and blood tests most Doctors do not offer.

  • We analyze multiple “omics”- your gut microbiome and its functioning, nutritional genomics, your metabolome, and/or your exposome.

  • We order next gen biomarkers and take a close look at your hormones.

  • We fuse these results to identify your biochemical individuality.

Your Second Appointment:

We analyze your biochemical makeup, test results and health history, and provide a personalized plan to maximize your health span and well-being.

We treat the root cause, and address any underlying issues that you may have. We offer advanced, whole body medicine.

You will now understand your personal genetic strengths and weaknesses. We will work with you to mitigate and avoid chronic illness down the road. You will know your genetic blueprint.

We chart a path forward for your health journey.

Patients who have come to us with lifelong chronic afflictions have made immediate progress, improving their health span, and feeling their best in years.

Where do we go from here?

When choosing to partner with us on your health journey, we decide together how best to move forward.
If you choose to continue, we provide with ongoing support and guidance, including personal Health Coaching, ongoing plan modifications, and if helpful, integration of wearable medical devices to adjust your behaviors in real time.
Based upon your testing information, we will fill in nutritional gaps with carefully designed supplement regimens, we will provide nutrition and meal protocols, and we will offer guidance on sleep, movement, lifestyle and stress management, to optimize your health.