The Science Behind Our Practice

Genomic Based Precision Individualized Medicine

Focused on the Current Research and Data

At Terrain Health, we focus on the current research and data to help decide what type of healthcare protocol or intervention is best for you through genomic analysis, combined with a comprehensive look at your laboratory results, specific biomarkers, the gut microbiome, and lifestyle factors. We will optimize your health, performance, and longevity.

Terrain Health Process

Layering Multiple Omics To Discover Your Biochemical Individuality

Blood Tests

A blood panel for next-generation biomarkers related to your health will reveal how well you are aging, detoxifying, and handling stress. This data will give us insight into the areas you are excelling in and the areas that need improvement for you to thrive.

Metagenomic Testing

Metagenomics is the study of a collection of genetic material (genomes) from a mixed community of organisms, usually referring to the study of microbial communities. At Terrain Health we study the microbial communities of your gut microbiome. Understanding your microbial blueprint, and how well it is functioning is paramount to health optimization.

Metabolomic Testing

Metabolomics is the study of substrates and products of metabolism, which are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Studying your metabolome is a powerful scientific tool we use, because metabolites and their concentrations, unlike other “omics”, directly reflect the underlying biochemical activity and state of your cells/tissues. Metabolomic analysis best represents how you are currently expressing your genes.

Nutritional Genomics

Nutrigenomics refers to the evolving study of gene-nutrient relationships, including how genetic variations influence the body’s response to nutrients (nutrigenetics), and how nutrients mediate genomic function. Through the power of nutrition, we can strengthen our bad genes and enhance our good genes.


The exposome can be defined as the measure of all the exposures of an individual in a lifetime, and how those exposures relate to health. Your exposome begins to take shape before birth, and includes insults from environmental (diet, herbicides, pesticides, air pollution), emotional (stress, relationships), and occupational (chemicals, radiation, heavy metals, smoke, bioaerosols) sources. The cumulative effect your exposome has on your health can be studied through metagenomic, metabolomic, and nutrigenomic testing.