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Terrain Health was created to transform the current standard of healthcare delivery in America. We practice disease prevention instead of disease suppression. Terrain Health proactively educates and treats patients, and does not simply react to a diagnosed illness. We call our methodology Precision Individualized Medicine, emphasizing that each person is unique and therefore, cannot be treated the same. Synthesizing epigenetics, gut microecology, genomics, biological age, and functional medicine, Terrain Health provides the roadmap to creating long-lasting health and wellness.


Our vision is to revolutionize how we diagnose and treat all patients by combining the science of systems biology with next-generation biomarkers, biological age, and multiple “omics” including your gut microbiome, nutrigenomics, metabolomics, and exposome. We are reshaping the healthcare system by utilizing advanced testing and medical technologies to deliver healthcare that is proactive, personalized, and precise. Through the discovery of biochemical individuality, we will create an entirely different healthcare experience that is unique to each patient. The ultimate goal is to bring this phenomenon of PIM (Precision Individualized Medicine) to not only our patients, but to our communities, and eventually to the population at large. As healers, we want patients to be “touched” multiple times, feel connected, and take control of their health destiny with our guidance.

Who Is Dr. Rose and Why Did We Start Terrain Health?

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