Achieve Metabolic Weight Loss in CT

Terrain’s team of experts will guide you every step of the way.

Understanding your metabolic health - how we generate and process energy, is the first step to improving it. Terrain works with you to understand your unique metabolic profile, and how to control and optimize your metabolic health.

Our metabolic health center in CT can improve our metabolic markers by consistently making choices that keep glucose levels in a stable and healthy range. Terrain can determine your metabolic flexibility (or fitness) and work with you to improve it.

Exercise for metabolic health

Symptoms of poor metabolic health include:

  • Poor skin health

  • Unwanted weight gain

  • Food intolerances (like gluten and dairy)

  • Hot flashes

  • High blood pressure

  • High blood sugar (linked to dementia)



of Americans currently have good metabolic health. Everyone else displays one or more features indicating metabolic dysfunction- their bodies are not utilizing and processing fat and carbohydrates efficiently.

The Keys to Metabolic Health

Too much sugar: We current eat nearly 10x more sugar daily than we did 100 years ago. This eventually leads to excess glucose.

Too much food: We eat more food than ever before yet our bodies have not evolved to handle this level of incoming energy.

Ultra processed foods and beverages causing metabolic imbalance

We are more sedentary than ever.

Not getting enough sleep

Increased environmental and synthetic toxin exposure, including plastics in food, fabrics and cosmetics. Toxins interfere with how our body uses and extracts energy.

  • Get gut healthy- metabolic health intricately linked to your gut microbiome
  • Make smart food choices- both quantity and quality of food we eat matter. Reducing our sugar consumption, eating lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains and proteins, while avoiding processed foods helps. Focus on appropriate portion sizes so our bodies can handle the levels of incoming energy.
  • Aim for high-quality sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce Stress - aim for a positive mindset, and practice fulfillment
  • Stay hydrated
  • Enjoy sunshine and nature

Optimizing your Metabolic Health with Terrain Metabolic Health Clinic in CT

A complete health history

Our metabolic health specialists do complete health history in the context of your life - who you are, where you have been, and where you are going, focusing on your medical history, epigenetics, and lifestyle choices. Our goal is to understand your unique biochemical individuality. From there, we identify the underlying cause of the issues and create a personalized healthcare plan.

Advanced diagnostic testing for deeper insights

We test multiple omics - gut microbiome, nutritional genomics, your metabolome and/or your exposome. We order next gen bio markets and analyze your hormones. We incorporate the data to understand your biochemical individuality and learn what is happening at a cellular level in order to restore and promote health, healing and longevity. We often test in concert with state of the art wearable devices, such as CGM, or Lumen, which provide real time feedback about how your behaviors impact your health, and help to implement change to lifelong harmful behaviors.

Personalized plans and ongoing support

Your Terrain Health metabolic clinic in CT has a dedicated team that works closely with you to guide you and help you to make the lifestyle, movement, and nutritional choices best for you.


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