Long Hauler COVID

As a result of long hauler research the underlying immunologic causes of Long Hauler Covid are being uncovered. We can now better identify and treat affected patients. There is now hope.

woman not feeling well cause of fever - COVID-19 Long Hauler

We use cutting edge research to predict, diagnose and optimize treatment for patients experiencing persistent symptoms.


Of people who have had COVID are currently experiencing long COVID, an additional 17% have had long COVID in the past.


Extreme fatigue / Persistent cough / Brain fog / Memory problems / GI discomfort / Inability to focus / Loss of taste or smell / Loss of appetite 

We have cracked the code on Long Haul Covid

treating covid long haulers

Research continues to uncover the answers. A common theory is that there is viral persistence - inflammation from inactivated viral proteins.

Decades long research on various disease models, including current COVID research provides for the groundbreaking diagnostic and treatment approach. In fact, this cutting edge research has also given us great insights into other chronic disease symptoms such as Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. We can now utilize the immune markers that make up the long hauler index score to guide treatment in these other long haul diseases.

Doctors have treated thousands of patients for long haul COVID Based on experience, most notice improvement between 2 to 4 weeks after beginning treatment.

Terrain’s Successful Long Hauler Protocol:

Our Protocol

Dr. Rose collaborates with the world’s leading pathologists in developing insights on prediction, identification and treatment for patients with long haul covid. Her unique protocol begins with advanced diagnostic bloodwork to establish your biomarkers.

Understanding your individual biomarkers

Through comprehensive testing, we are able to analyze the immune markers that makeup the long hauler index score to guide our treatment in these and other long haul diseases.

Personalized ongoing support

Your health team - providers and coaches, will work closely with you to ensure compliance and continually monitor your immune markets and clinical progress, making ongoing changes as needed.

What our patients say

"Excellent care from PA Tracey especially on my recovery from Long haul covid. I'm so grateful for her and team answering all my questions and searching for some difficult solutions for my case in particular."

~ Marcia Redd

Watch Danielle's testimonial here:

Danielle was a patient of Dr Robin Rose who was treated for Gut Health and Long COVID.

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