Dr. Robin Forman Rose

Dr. Robin Forman Rose D.O.

About Dr. Robin Forman Rose

I am Dr. Robin Rose, a board-certified specialist in gastroenterology and internal medicine. I am a wife, mother to two amazing young women (ages 17 & 16) and one incredible son (age 13), researcher, educator, inquisitor, devoted friend, daughter and sister, overachiever, connector, and champion of science. I am a perpetual student who will never settle for anything less than

For over 15 years, I practiced McMedicine, seeing 30 patients or more per day (both in the office and the OR), while simultaneously raising three young children, and trying to keep my marriage together. I was overworked, stressed out, sleep-deprived, and cranky. I was spread way too thin, always in a constant tug of war between the time spent in my office caring for my patients, and that devoted to my husband and children.


Years of burning the candle at both ends finally started to catch up to me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I noticed myself popping Aleve several times per week for one too many
migraines, gaining weight, constipated, losing stamina, and feeling depressed, anxious, and panicked. I was suffering from physician burnout. And my patients and my family were bearing
the brunt of it. They didn’t teach me this in medical school, or a lot of other things that I discovered on my journey to self-healing.

30,000 patients later, I had realized that I was a bystander in the growing chronic disease epidemic in this country, and the decline in the standard of care we offer our patients. I knew there was a better way.

I wanted to create an epidemic of health, and no longer contribute to the epidemic of disease. I wanted to heal, connect, and partner with my patients in health, not sickness. I wanted to practice healthcare again, not sick care, I wanted to get to the root cause and heal my patients naturally from the inside out. I left my conventional medical practice and founded Terrain Health to fulfill this mission, where I can augment healthspan and increase lifespan.

I reclaimed my sense of purpose. I used my own health journey as a source of inspiration to develop evidence-based protocols to heal my patients. No more pill for every ill. The name of the game was not to name it, blame it and then tame it. The diagnosis was not the end of the road for my patient, but rather the beginning of their journey to reclaiming their life. Partnering to investigate and discover their biochemical individuality so that their treatment is tailored to their unique needs.

I address root cause analysis in all my patients through the practice of precision medicine. I treat people, not signs and symptoms. You don’t need to read a research paper to know that the greatest health transformations occur when you address the root cause, not simply the problem. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy, “OK”, or sick. My philosophy for all is patient-centered care. I treat the individual. I take a physical and mental health history unlike any you have ever experienced, and perform a comprehensive physical exam (if seen in the office). This allows me to understand your health in the context of your life- where you have been, where you are today, and where you are going.

The first thing you will receive is a blood panel for next-generation biomarkers related to your health that will reveal how well you are aging, detoxifying, and handling stress. We will use this as an actionable metric throughout your journey to achieving your best self. I test multiple-omics: your microbiome, metabolome, genome and/or exposome- innovative testing that is grounded in scientific research allowing me to understand what is happening to the individual at the cellular level. This information explains how your genes are responding to your environment, and what we can do to turn your “good” genes on and your “bad” genes off. I start with your microbiome. Be prepared to give stool for a metagenomic analysis. Understanding the “who” is taking up real estate in your gut and as a result the metabolic activity of your microbiome is crucial to having a complete picture of your health. From here I will assess your different gut axes: gut-brain, gut-skin, gut-hormone, or gut-immune, and it may be one or a combination of these depending on your specific health gaps. We can investigate this through a variety of different metabolomic tests, including unique hormone testing and organic acid testing. I may analyze your SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), the variations in your genes that you may be over or under expressing.

I will educate you about self-care. You will have to shift your mindset around nutrition- I will devise a specific food plan that matches your metabolic needs. You may need to eliminate certain foods, such as dairy, gluten, or sugar, or infuse prebiotics, probiotics, and fermented foods. I will prescribe supplements to fill in nutritional gaps where necessary. I may throw a wearable device on you to measure heart rate variability (HRV) such as an Oura ring. I may prescribe a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) so you can understand what foods or exercise are right for you. I may tell you to get into bed at a certain time, wear blue blockers, or do yoga. I may prescribe hormones or a natural antimicrobial. I may prescribe all or some of the interventions above. We build a foundation and work from there. We partner together to create a treatment plan unique to your biochemical individuality and preferences. There is no one size fits all mentality. Your healthcare will be proactively managed for years, adapting to the latest research and innovative technology surrounding health optimization.

Our mission at Terrain Health is to maximize health, performance, and longevity while improving healthspan and increasing lifespan. My ultimate goal for all my patients- as in my own life- is to achieve emotional, mental, and physical balance, and I will provide you with the tools. You will feel happier, lighter and more energized than you ever have before, getting there safely and naturally. It’s not OK to just feel “OK”. Your health is your greatest luxury. So start treating it that way. Invest in yourself so you can start living your best life with authenticity and vitality. We will show you the way when you become a member of the Terrain Health Community today.