We Practice Genomics Based Precision Medicine

Understanding the genetic variations unique to you through genomic analysis, combined with a comprehensive look at your laboratory results, specific biomarkers, the gut microbiome, and lifestyle factors allows us to craft a personalized program designed to optimize your health, performance, and longevity goals. We focus on the current research and data to help decide what type of healthcare protocol or intervention is best for your genetics and lifestyle.

A Snapshot of Our Process:

Your Global Health History

The extensive health history that you will provide is like nothing you have ever experienced. Recording your entire history of physical and mental health sets the stage for a successful health journey. Our software helps gather and organize your health history from before you were conceived to the present day.

Blood Work and BioMarkers

We will evaluate your lipids, markers of inflammation, cardiovascular and diabetes risks, thyroid functions, hormones, vitamins, minerals, markers of metabolism, as well as specific biomarkers that help identify your gut microbiome diversity. This comprehensive analysis allows us to gain a better understanding of your health status.

Biological Age

On the day you were born, time started measuring your chronological age. The age of your DNA is how we define biological age. This number matters! Lifestyle factors including poor eating habits, acute or chronic stress, can all significantly impact our long-term health. DNA is the blueprint that makes us who we are. Our life choices can also influence our DNA and how well we age. We can measure this by sending you a specific DNA test kit. Your biological age can be used as a metric to show us the impact your Precision Individualized Medicine (PIM) regimen will have on your longevity and health.

Genomic Testing

Our memberships include a highly detailed portrait of your DNA. We all know that our genetic makeup is what makes us all unique. By sequencing your DNA we gain a richer understanding of your genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages. This information informs how your body interacts with the environment. Instituting specific changes reduces your risk of contracting the disease. Unraveling this code is fundamental to optimizing your health.