Terrain Health is pleased to now offer

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

By offering DPC Terrain Health continues to lead the way in next generation healthcare, with innovative solutions to best meet the healthcare needs of patients today.

Direct Primary Care

Take charge of your health!

Direct Primary Care puts patients and physicians in charge of healthcare decisions by removing insurance from the doctor-patient relationship. Terrain simply charges DPC patients a flat monthly membership fee directly to patients.

The Result

More flexibility and accessibility, with same or next day appointments, more time spent with providers, and the ability to focus on preventative and wellness care.


Long wait times, overpriced bills, insurance approvals or referrals, and rushed visits!

Terrain Health’s DPC Program

Terrain Health’s DPC Program

Patients are only responsible for one low monthly membership fee that covers most services. No more co-pays, insurance claims, or third party billing.

Yes. In fact, you will have more access to your provider and spend more time with your provider.

No more rushed visits.

You will have priority access to same day or next day appointments and more personalized integrated care teams can be created to meet your needs. 

The long term physician-patient partnership leads to improved patient outcomes at a reduced cost!

Patients become more involved in taking control of their health & wellness.

Doctors are free to design individualized treatments without insurance dictating the treatment

DPC allows for a focus on prevention, countering growing dissatisfaction in an industry driven by insurance focused on sick care not “health” care.

Providers can now care for the whole person because some services are not covered by retainers, we suggest patients acquire a high-deductible wrap around policy to cover emergencies.

  • A yearly comprehensive physical exam (1 hour)
  • EKG for patients over 50 years of age
  • Pap Smear and Breast Exam for women
  • In office procedures for minor wound repair, skin tag removal, and more
  • In office dispensing of routine medications including antibiotics and birth control
  • Reduced lab fees as well as in-house labs

  • Reduced diagnostic imaging/radiology fees

  • Leaving with your medication in hand- no more waiting at the pharmacy to have your prescription filled, especially when you aren’t feeling well. 

online gut health consultations
We meet you where you are.

Online or in-person, the choice is yours.

You can meet with your Provider via video call or in person, and through your patient portal you can quickly and easily connect with your health team from anywhere to ask questions, oversee prescriptions or schedule appointments.  Medical, holistic care is always just a click away.