Dr. Robin Rose was featured on CookingLight on May 24, 2021

Dr. Robin Rose is featured in an article entitled, “Why Your Body’s Gut-Brain Connection Can Affect Your Mental Health.” This piece focuses on the relation between your gut health and your mental health. Dr. Robin Rose shares knowledge of the gut microbiome and its correlation to your mental health stating, “When gut function is compromised, so is the synthesis of several key substances including mood-affecting neurochemicals like GABA, dopamine, and serotonin.” The piece also highlights Dr. Robin Rose’s Connecticut-based functional medicine practice that focuses on treating health conditions stemming from gut-brain axis dysfunction. The article continues, speaking about how our guts and brains are in constant communication through neurotransmitters and the role our nutrition plays in our physical, digestive and mental health. A direct link to the Terrain Health website is also included in the article.

Cooking Light is an American monthly food and lifestyle magazine founded in 1987 and owned by Meredith Corporation. Each month, the magazine includes approximately 100 original recipes as well as editorial content covering food trends, fitness tips, and other culinary and health-related news.

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