Dr. Robin Rose Was Featured on Popsugar

Feature Summary: Dr. Robin Rose was featured in PopSugar’s article “Worried That Melatonin Is Messing With Your Gut? Here’s Why That’s Probably Not The Case.” The article features Dr. Rose as an expert as she explains, “As a gastroenterologist specializing in functional gut disorders for 15 years, I have never known melatonin to be a source of constipation.” The author also asks Dr. Rose for her advice on if someone is experiencing constipation and it can’t be linked back to the supplements they are taking. Dr. Rose recommends drinking a tall glass of lemon water in the morning, then following that with a lot more water throughout the day (at least half your body weight in ounces) along with also eating more fiber-rich foods. In the end, Dr. Rose insists that if the bowel problems persist then to visit a physician.

Outlet Summary: POPSUGAR is an online media network of websites oriented toward a female audience with a YouTube channel and Pop TV series. The company was founded in 2006 by the husband and wife team Brian and Lisa Sugar as a pop culture blog.