Dr. Robin Rose Was Featured on Wfla-TV’s Bloom

Dr. Robin Rose was featured on WFLA-TV’s BLOOM on June 29, 2021. The segment also aired on WTTA Great 38.

Feature Summary: Dr. Robin Rose and Terrain Health were featured on WFLA-TV’s BLOOM in a segment entitled, “How to Stop the Clock on Aging.” The segment highlights the difference between chronological age and biological age, and Dr. Robin shares that while you cannot change chronological age, you can control bio age. Dr. Robin Rose explains how one can determine their bio age through different tests, like Thorne, used by Terrain Health, which looks at “41 biomarkers to calculate your overall biological age as well as five system and organ ages.” The segment continues, with Dr. Robin Rose highlighting how to avoid a higher bio age: “we are able to control this by figuring out what nutritional plan is right for us, how we should be exercising, what our quantity and quality of sleep should be like and also managing stress.” Dr. Robin Rose continues, mentioning how people can lower their bio age by focusing on three main categories: exercise, diet, and mindfulness. The segment ends with Dr. Robin Rose explaining the science behind bio age and the bio age tests, which help people to live healthier lives and feel ageLESS: “you can control your biological age and you can increase your healthspan, which are the years lived without chronic disease.” Terrain Health’s website is also included at the end of the segment.

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