Precision Medicine Can Save Your Life

The Science Has Evolved. Get Serious About Your Health.

By Dr. Robin Rose

Terrain Health incorporates cutting edge testing and genomic analysis to deliver precision, individualized medicine. The practice uses a multi-interventional approach to prevent and treat disease by optimizing nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and mindset. Every person is different and now we have the scientific testing to laser focus on your individual biological systems.

My own journey as a physician has defined how we practice at Terrain Health. Over the course of my 12-year career in gastroenterology, I have seen thousands of patients. In this clinical setting, I have observed that those with the best outcomes benefit from healing their gut with a principal focus on personalized nutrition. I have conducted thousands of endoscopic procedures and filled tens of thousands of prescriptions. My patients who do best learn to eat differently. What sets us apart from other nutrition programs is how we deploy scientific testing using blood, stool, and DNA to enable our practitioners to precisely focus on your individual challenges. It’s not good enough to be told to eat green leafy vegetables and cut down on red meat. Genomics tells us so much more about you as an individual. It turns out some people thrive on dairy while others don’t. Don’t you want more answers when it comes to your health?

The Terrain Health practice focuses on the “why” not the “what” of a person’s condition, departing from the “one size fits all” philosophy of conventional medicine. Instead, we treat the body systems, not the disease to help the person’s own ecosystem heal. Terrain Health uses a multi-interventional approach of systems biology, epigenetics, and optimization of the gut microbiome to promote health, healing, and longevity.

Substantially modifying personal nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress requires considerable time and coaching. But you will experience the benefits immediately. Our patients notice an improvement from the very beginning (as in the first day!), but the challenge is making the behavioral modifications permanent.

This is why we started Terrain Health. We want to work with patients who want to live long and live well. It’s not your fault that life is so complicated and stressful. We live stressful, frantic lives that compromise longevity and immunity. But it’s never too late to optimize your health. If you are ready to make that change, please reach out to us at and we can schedule a free consultation to help guide your decision making.