Infertility Awareness Week: What You Need to Know about Microgenesis

April 21-27, 2024, is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), and in honor of NIAW, the Terrain Health team wants to shed light on microgenesis testing and how it can impact your journey to motherhood.

Microgenesis testing is cutting-edge biotechnology that helps you to identify one of 64 unique microbiome patterns that might be affecting your ability to conceive. If you’ve been facing unexplained infertility, the answer may be in your gut, and microgenesis testing gives you the answers you’ve been searching for.

With over 25 years of expertise, Dr. Robin Rose and Tracey Sheedy, PA-C, are here to  help pinpoint the root cause of infertility and support you with comprehensive guidance on nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and stress reduction techniques.

Read on as our team explains everything you need to know about microgenesis and how it can impact your fertility journey. 

What is Microgensies Testing?

Your microbiome plays a huge role in your overall mental and physical health, and your reproductive health is no exception. Studies show that your vaginal and gut flora influences your reproductive health, and that’s where microgenesis testing comes into the picture.

Microgenesis testing requires a sample of your microbiota 一 through a quick vaginal swab 一 and blood work, which is then used to assign you as one of 65 potential microbiome profiles, or phenotypes.

Depending on which phenotype you are, you’ll receive specific supplements to help bring balance to your system. 

Clinical trials have demonstrated a remarkable 75% success rate in pregnancy among all women, regardless of previous IVF attempts. Within just a 10-week treatment duration, 75% of women conceived within 90 days.

Key Component of Microgenesis

Not sure if microgenesis testing is right for you? Our team makes the process easy and straightforward. 

Here’s what you can expect: 

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Just like your microbiome is unique to you, so is your infertility journey. That’s why each infertility treatment at Terrain Health always starts with a full take. You can expect:

  • A full medical intake, including a review of your medical history
  • A review of your microgenesis test results

Your custom treatment plan consists of probiotics, meal plans, nutraceuticals, and an exercise regimen. Each element of your treatment plan is designed to reduce inflammation and boost your chance for a successful conception.

All of this is done without drugs, without synthetic hormones, and with painful daily injections. It’s a natural approach that works by restoring balance to your body.

Support for the Journey

Throughout your 75-day journey (that’s just about 10 weeks!), you’re never alone. You can expect check-ins with your health coach. 

Consider Microgenesis Testing 

As we honor National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), let’s wear orange and stand united in our mission to raise awareness for drug-free fertility treatments for women just like you.  

Because your journey to parenthood is worth fighting for – and with microgenesis, it’s within reach.

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