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Customize your IV Drip

Individual Add Ons: $50 Glutathione, Zofran, Toradol and Vitamin B-12 Glutathione, a master anti-oxidant, combines with the pain relief of Toradol, pain relief medication Zofran, anti-nausea medication Vitamin B-12, which ...
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Gut Health Drip

Ingredients: Glutamine, Mineral Blend, Magnesium, Proline Glutamine, which aids in gut health especially in times of stress, combines with Proline to support a healthy and balanced gut microbiome, leading to ...
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Brainstrom Drip

Brainstorm Drip

Ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Taurine, and Vitamin B-6 Helps with focus and promotes healthy neurological function Individual Session: $250, Package of 4: $899
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IV drip for heart health

Heart Health Drip

Ingredients: Vitamin B-complex, Methionine, Inositol, choline, carnitine, thiamine, riboflavin Supports Cardiovascular health, love your heart! Individual Session: $299, Package of 4: $1,025
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Migraine eraser drip

Migraine Eraser Drip

Ingredients: Vitamin B-complex, Magnesium and Toradol Relieves inflammatory pain from migraines. Improves mood, concentration and sleep Individual Session: $275, Package of 4: $999
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Glow Drip

Ingredients: VItamin C, B-complex, and Biotin Antioxidant rich combination results in vibrant skin and healthy hair Ideal for collagen boost, mild skin impurities, and overall growth and renewal Individual Session: ...
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“B” Lean Drip

Ingredients: VItamin B-complex, Taurine, Kickstart your fat burning, and boost your metabolism to help with weight loss Individual Session: $275, Package of 4: $999
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PMS Relief Drip

Ingredients: VItamin B-complex, Calcium, Magnesium Ideal to counter PMS, irritability, and monthly discomfort associated with your menstrual cycle Individual Session: $250, Package of 4: $899
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Immunity Boost Drip

Ingredients: VItamin C, B-complex, Zinc Ideal when feeling under the weather, or in need of immune boost Combats colds and viruses Individual Session: $275, Package of 4: $999
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Female health coaching services

Peak Performance Drip

Ingredients: VItamin B-complex, Amino-Acid blend Improves metabolism, enhances cognitive function and mental clarity, boosts energy levels Boost energy levels, and improve metabolism, cognitive function, and mental clarity. Ideal for a ...
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Hangover Drip

Ingredients: Vitamin B-complex, Minerals Perfect for general exhaustion, hangovers, jet lag, and more. Ideal for hangovers, general exhaustion, jet lag and more. For the athlete, the supermom, or on the ...
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Energy Boost Drip

Ingredients: Taurine, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Alpha-Lipoic Acid Combats low energy, increases hydration and antioxidants to optimize your energy and your efficiency Get a jolt of energy along with hydration and ...
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