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Medical Weight Loss Program

Terrain’s team of experts will guide you every step of the way.

When not overseen by a Doctor, medical weight loss programs can be dangerous, and yield only temporary results. Terrain will guide you through a healthy and long lasting GLP-1 Weight Loss program. 

Weight loss or healthy lifestyle - Medical Weight Loss Program

16 week program - Meet your Weight Loss Goals. Learn what your Body Needs

Our Medical Weight Loss Program is designed for long term success. Our medical team closely monitors your progress, overseeing semaglutide or tirzepatide injections, and checking bloodwork before, during, and after the program.

We will partner with you on your weight loss journey.

Your Doctor and Health & Nutrition Coaches will optimize your food and lifestyle routines. Your Metabolic and Glucose Tracking devices, which are included, will provide real time insights about your body and boost weight loss results.

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Price: $900 - $1,065 per month for 16 Week Program
*Price does not include Medication or Labs

Terrain’s Medical Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Our 16 week Physician guided weight loss program includes: Continual monitoring with an initial Doctor visit, and 6 individual Health and Nutritional Coach sessions.

Labs before, during and after to closely monitor your health and progress.

State-of-the-art peptides, such as semiglutide or tirzepatide, as prescribed based upon your personal lab results.

Two personal med-tech devices for you, to boost weight loss:

  • Lumen: Provides real time metabolic tracking to enhance fat burn and boost energy naturally.
  • CGM (continuous glucose monitor): Follow glucose levels in real time to understand how your body reacts and responds to how you eat, sleep, exercise, and handle stress

Health Coaching on nutrition, meal planning, mindful eating, and exercise and advice on self monitoring and optimizing your med tech devices.

Medical Weight Loss FAQs

Your body has a natural hormone, GLP-1 (glycogen like peptide 1 receptors) that regulates appetite and glucose levels in the body, which can promote weight loss and manages obesity.

GP-1 works to balance insulin levels and slow down how quickly food leaves your stomach, creating a feeling of fullness, lowering your appetite and resulting in weight loss with a higher success rate than dieting alone.

The injections delay the rate the stomach digests food, which leads to a feeling of fullness with smaller meals, that lasts for longer periods of time. The medicine also increases insulin production, which naturally lowers blood sugar level.

The medication will suppress your appetite, however it was designed to be used in conjunction with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes for long term success

As these treatments become increasingly popular, programs have been popping up all over the country to offer these medications. Not all the Providers are the same. Terrain Health offers in-person or virtual sessions, and closely monitors your progress through the entire program, ensuring safe and effective results. 

The choice is yours. Your visits can be virtual or in-person, and the medication is self injectible.

Most patients begin to see results within a few weeks of initiating medication.

Some patients do experience temporary side effects of the medication, which could include nausea, constipation, diarrhea, reflux, and heartburn. We can manage your dosage to manage side effects.

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Online or in-person, the choice is yours.

You can meet with your Provider via video call or in person, and through your patient portal you can quickly and easily connect with your health team from anywhere to ask questions, oversee prescriptions or schedule appointments.  Medical, holistic care is always just a click away.