Dr. Robin Rose and Terrain Health Were Featured on Purewow

Dr. Robin Rose and Terrain Health were featured on PureWow on Wednesday, July 14th, 2021.

Feature Summary: Dr. Robin Rose and Terrain Health were featured in an article entitled, “You Know Your Chronological Age. But What About Your *Biological* Age?” The article focuses on the difference between chronological age versus biological age stating, “Chronological age is exactly what it sounds like, which is to say that it’s based on your date of birth and reflects how long you’ve been alive.” Dr. Robin Rose is directly quoted, stating: “biological age refers to how quickly or slowly your DNA cells and organs are aging’” The article continues, sharing how one can determine their biological age through taking a specific blood test. Dr. Robin Rose notes that this test “analyzes 41 different biomarkers in order to put a number to your cumulative biological age, while also providing a ‘breakdown of five different organs, or system, ages.’” The article highlights Thorne’s biological age blood test. The piece continues, sharing Dr. Robin’s advice for changing one’s biological age: “most problem areas can be addressed with simple dietary changes and other minor healthy living adjustments.” Biological age is mentioned as a measurement offering not only meaningful insight but also one that provides a sense of agency with regard to your health. Dr. Robin shares her philosophy behind this practice stating, “the whole idea behind this kind of care is to be proactive and precise in monitoring patient health.” The feature closes with Dr. Robin’s thoughts on how bio age can impact your life: “Best of all, if you fine-tune your lifestyle according to the results, you’ll be able to track your progress—and there’s a good chance you will look, feel and, in a sense, actually get younger in the process.” The article also includes direct links to Terrain Health’s website and Thorne’s website.

Outlet Summary: PureWow is an American digital media company that publishes women’s lifestyle content. PureWow covers lifestyle topics geared toward the upper end of the Millennials and Generation X demographic, including fashion, beauty, home decor, recipes, entertainment, travel, technology, books, and money. PureWow publishes national content as well as local city content in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and the Hamptons.

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